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summer cleaning patio Kansas City

Oh my Kansas City! Summertime is already speeding by like a sunscreen greased kiddo on a waterslide!

But frankly, with all this rain and crazy weather, we’re only just now getting the backyard in shape for three months of cook-outs, weenie roasts, backyard bashes and drinks on the patio! We’re bringing our A-game this year, and want to share some tips for how you can get your home in A+ Green Clean shape for the long, hot and fun-filled summer ahead.

It is time to shine it up indoors and out, and keep those expensive grills, deck furniture and lawn tools in shape for many fun seasons to come.

Here are our Kansas City Summertime Top 3 Summer Cleaning To-Dos

#1 Cleaning the Grill

Well, this is Kansas City! Cleaning that BBQ grill has got to be #1 on the list, right?

Start by removing all the racks and cleaning them with hot soapy water. This is easier if you soak them first. I have some big plastic storage tubs that I use for this, since the oversized racks don’t fit in my sink.

Use white vinegar or a cleaning detergent (check your user’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations) to remove all that old grease. I sometimes use a paste of baking soda and hot water and/or lemon juice to scrub away stubborn grease. Wipe down the inside of your grill too.

Use a stiff bristle brush to give the rack a thorough scrubbing before and after each use. My hubby, Master of the Grill at our house, recommends coating the grill rack with cooking oil before cooking in order to keep the grill clean. It seasons the racks and makes them easier to clean with a brush after cooking.

#2 Patio Furniture You Can Actually Sit On

Oh dear, nothing worse than extending an impromptu invitation for a drink on your patio, only to realize that your picnic table is covered in bird poop and dirt!

The Green Clean way is to wash your patio furniture with a solution of half white vinegar and half water (you can even add a few drops of dish soap).  Let everything dry in the sunshine and invite the neighbors over for a beer!

#3 Improve Your Outlook

So, as it turns out, it isn’t actually overcast everyday! My windows just needed a little wipe down!

Summer is the time to clean the windows inside and outside! Clean all the accessory parts too… wipe dust of the blinds, vacuum the curtains and wipe spider webs and dirt off the shutters. That makes everything a little brighter!

A Quick Summertime Cleaning Quiz… Is Green Clean right for you?

  • Would you rather hit the pool than clean the toilet?
  • Would you rather head down to the lake instead of mopping the kitchen floor?
  • Have your kids been playing overtime in the sandbox (and tracking sand inside and out!)?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, it is time to call Camille at 913-207-8677 and schedule your summertime cleaning. Make memories while we do the chores!