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Household Hazardous Waste …you know, all those half empty paint cans, old chemical-based cleaners, motor oil , batteries, lawn chemicals (and goodness knows what else!) that you have stashed in the corners of your garage or basement. As the weather starts cooling down and the school year starts, it is time to clean up the garage and do a few home improvement projects that it has been too hot to tackle lately. But, after you sort and organize the garage, throwing out, recycling and donating all that extra clutter, a few things remain. In particular, household hazardous waste that you can’t simply throw away because of environmental and safety concerns.

Fortunately, the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), serving the Kansas City metro region, has a number of resources to help you deal with all those items! In particular, the RecycleSpot website has a wide variety of resources describing how and where to safely dispose of items such as electronics, glass, Christmas trees, prescription drugs, plastics and household hazardous waste. In addition, the site includes helpful information on composting or recycling yard waste.

According to RecycleSpot:

“You know that the landfill isn’t the best place for most of what you throw away, but you’re unsure what your other options are. You have questions about what products you can and can’t recycle. You have stuff you want to get rid of, but you want to know how do it responsibly. Where can you find answers to these questions and more?

RecycleSpot is your one-stop spot for information about
recycling, reuse and waste reduction in Greater Kansas City.”

Click for a list of places where you can drop off your household hazardous waste in the Kansas City region, including Jackson and Johnson Counties.

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